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List Of Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Success

List Of Marketing Ideas To Boost Success

If you are looking for a list of marketing ideas to boost your success, you are in the right place.

List Of Marketing Ideas

Originally, I started looking for lists of suggestions about how to promote my own business, and that led me to create this site. Despite having constructed a pretty good list of my own, I have also found some great resources on the web.

Firstly, this is a list of ideas that you can use without spending any money. Secondly, I will add to these over time and, in some cases, develop them as separate posts:

  1. Mine existing customers for introductions – you can contact the customers that have already bought from you and seek new introductions. You may want to offer an incentive on future purchases, in return for new referrals.
  2. Create a network of third-party introducers – use other parties to refer business to you. Often called affiliate marketing, this involves normally paying some form of commission (from income received) to the third-party introducer. However, not all sectors work like this. For example, in the finance sector, accountants often just want their customers to be funded, so don’t necessarily seek compensation.
  3. Mine your contacts – your existing contacts may be able to introduce customers. Making contact via email can be a simple way to solicit introductions.
  4. Post on social media and in groups – social media is a great free medium to seek new customers. Groups can be a way of targeting segments of the market. See my post on Using Twitter Groups to grow.
  5. Comment on posts – commenting on other people’s posts has several effects. Firstly, it can create links back to your website. Secondly, it can put you in front of everyone that reads that post.
  6. Properly structure your website or blog – ensuring that your site is seen can be vital. Most importantly, follow optimisation guidelines to ensure that you are visible. If you need a website can provide domain names, hosting and free site-building tools.
  7. Start a newsletter – this creates engagement with those that follow you. It can help your audience catch up if they missed material that you posted previously.
  8. Launch a referral scheme – the idea of rewarding others for making introductions can be very effective.
  9. Networking – this can be in person, or online. Either way, you can extend your network. This can lead to business directly or indirectly via referrals.
  10. Email campaigns – a very cheap way to contact prospective customers, or to seek repurchases.
  11. Purchase incentives – offering an incentive to customers to increase, or accelerate purchasing.
  12. Learn from your competitors – look at what others in your sector are doing. If there are good ideas, you could consider learning from them. Often competitors will be happy to speak about what has and hasn’t worked for them.
  13. Post on discount sites – these are sites that promote discounts. Often it is free to post your offers to their audience.
  14. Run a competition (careful about the gaming rules!) – depending on your sector, this can create some engagement. Also, be careful to recruit competitors from your target audience, and not just anyone that enters competitions.
  15. Produce an infographic – this can be a great way of getting others to share your information.
  16. Offer templates – if they are relevant to your offering, they can be a good way of drawing in potential customers.
  17. Write an e-book – it takes some effort, but it can be a useful tool to attract potential new business prospects.
  18. Write guest posts – writing for other’s sites can create links to your own site and it can promote you to their audience.
  19. Produce a guide – again, keep it relevant to your audience. This can be another good way to attract prospects.
  20. Report on an event – if you are struggling to produce content, this can be a great way.
  21. Offer an award – this can be allied to your sector. Businesses often seek awards, so this can be one way of raising your profile and growing your network.
  22. Collaborate with others – the idea of collaborating with others can have lots of benefits. Firstly, it can position you as a leader in your sector, it can also gain exposure for your business via the network of other parties.

Lists of Promotional Ideas

These are a few of the sites I have come across that included promotional ideas that have some value. Of course, you might not be able to use all of them, they may not all be appropriate. However, there are likely to be some that you can use. Typically, in every list, there are one or two nuggets of gold that could help you boost the performance of your business.

Paid Versus Freebies

Be warned, not everyone is focused on free marketing ideas (as I am!), so you may need a budget in some cases. If you are interested in the freebies, subscribe to our marketing newsletter. We will email you our latest ideas each month.

Finally, there are some other sites with great lists, this is a good example: Is the Wordstream Blog. It has a number of ideas that are free, or at least low-cost. However, you should bear in mind the purpose behind any list. In that case, the company offers online advertising, so they may be hoping that you will take up some advertising, after viewing their list of ideas. Either way, there is value to be derived from the list of marketing ideas.

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