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Free Marketing Ideas

If you are looking for free marketing ideas, you are in the right place.

Businesses can spend a fortune on advertising and marketing schemes, some work, many do not. The common thread is that they are often expensive, and may require payment in advance.

This site is all about the ways of marketing your business, which you can do yourself, and which will cost you nothing (or very little). I have refined those methods over my career in marketing, into the “How To” Marketing toolkit.

Proven Method

Proven Methods

Many of these are the methods I used to grow my own business with NO BUDGET.

Marketing Expertise


I’ve worked in marketing for most of my career, including as a consultant.

Fast Results

Fast Results

Having tried just about every promotional method, the toolkit details what works.

Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit, Templates & Bonus Material

The “How To” Marketing Toolkit

When I started my business I had no marketing budget, so I had to find ways of promoting it without spending anything (or at least very little).

I developed a low-cost marketing approach to grow my business with minimal expenditure. The toolkit and templates will show you step-by-step, how to do the same.

Glenn Blackman MBA

I’m Glenn Blackman MBA and I have spent over 25 years marketing different businesses.

I have worked with all types and sizes of organisations from well-known banks to smaller independent companies. Most recently, I have marketed my own business and built it to a point where it supports a comfortable lifestyle.

Having done this whilst spending next to nothing on advertising, other people have expressed an interest in my alternative approach to generating new customers.

Glenn Blackman MBA
Promotion That Works And Costs Nothing

Promotion That Works And Costs Nothing

I have tried all manner of promotional methods, and over the years I have learned what works and what doesn’t. Through my monthly newsletter, I share details of some of the methods of promotion that have been successful and cost nothing (or very little).

Books I Have Written

Selling Without Shaking Hands
The Startup Wizard
Testimonial About Glenn Blackman

Testimonials about Glenn Blackman:
“An experienced professional of the highest integrity”

MV, Skills Trainer

Testimonial About Glenn Blackman

“An absolutely key player on any strategic planning team”

LM, Managing Director

Testimonial About Glenn Blackman

“An obvious expert in his field”

PM, Sales Director

Take a look at my blog where I share marketing ideas

If you are looking for ways to promote your business, or if you were considering spending money on advertising, STOP! Take a look at my free marketing ideas first.

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