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The “How To” Marketing Toolkit, Templates And BONUS Material

The "How To" Marketing Toolkit, Templates & Bonus Material

The “How To” Marketing Toolkit

I built my business spending ALMOST NOTHING on advertising, marketing and promotion. My “How To” Marketing Toolkit is the blueprint.

Now, you can get the toolkit to build your business, using my low-cost approach and templates. It includes how I generate enquiries from search engines and social media platforms WITHOUT paying for advertising.

Download it now:

Trustpilot Review

This is what Amy said, on Trustpilot, about the toolkit & templates:

“5/5 Definitely worth it!
A really great guide for anyone that has a business…
There are some great ideas throughout…”.

An Alternative To Advertising

The “How To” Marketing Toolkit is the alternative to spending money on advertising and pay-per-click marketing. Typically, people spend hundreds or thousands every month on advertising and PPC. There is no guarantee of success. Alternatively, you can download my “How To” Marketing Toolkit & Templates for a one-off fee. Start using these low-cost methods of marketing, instead of paying for promotion.

Included, is a comprehensive step-by-step explanation of how I promoted my existing business. It includes details of how I successfully manage my social media channels. Over time, my business has grown to the point that it provides a comfortable income for my family.

Also, the download includes BONUS material about generating Passive Income. This is revenue that you don’t have to work to earn. It sets out my passive income model and how you can generate passive revenue for yourself.

The Toolkit & Templates

The toolkit is divided into 19 topic-based chapters with 11 related templates.

The "How To" Marketing Toolkit, Templates & Bonus Material Download..

Marketing Toolkit

This is what it covers:

  • The “How To” Marketing toolkit overview.
    Download this sample chapter:
    The "How To" Marketing Toolkit
  • Ways to identify your real target audience.
  • How free and low-cost marketing can replace paid advertising.
  • My low-cost marketing process is explained step-by-step.
  • Methods to gain customers without spending on ads or pay-per-click.
  • Details of how I generate business from Google and social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. All without paying for promotion.


Marketing Templates

Included within the package are templates for :

  • All aspects of my low-cost marketing process including social media, sales emails and web-based articles.
  • Producing material that converts readers to customers.
  • Generating customers without spending on advertising.


Passive Income BONUS Material

Additionally, I have included 7 chapters of BONUS material about my passive income business model and how to generate your own Passive Income Stream. This BONUS material explains:

  • Details of how my passive income works.
  • The best ways of evaluating other passive income opportunities.
  • How to build your own passive revenue stream based on your abilities and knowledge.


Download It Now

Now, it’s time to stop spending money on advertising and marketing. Instead, download my toolkit and start using these low-cost marketing methods.

The download (a zipped folder) includes 37 PDF documents with over 150 pages of detailed instructions, templates and tips.

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