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Proven Methods Of Acquiring Clients Not Involving Paid Advertising

Beating Paid Advertising

I have just joined Reddit.com. It is a well ranked platform from which you can create a link to your website. After signing up, I joined a few groups that discuss marketing related topics. Then, I came across this question, under the header “How To Find Clients”. It asked, “Does anybody know any effective and proven methods of acquiring clients/customers for online services that doesn’t involve paid advertising?”. This I can help with.

Paid Advertising

Of course, paid advertising is likely to be the quickest methods of achieving results. Also, its unlikley to require you to put in too much effort. However, I took a few minutes to post a reply. In my reply, I pointed out that there are an endless number of ways to promote your business free of charge. However, these methods may require more time and effort than paid adverts.

Proven Methods Of Acquiring Clients

In my reply, I mentioned that I have started a list of free promotional methods.

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Tested Ways To Acquire Customers

The majority of the ways that I write about on this blog I have either used, or seen others use successfully. Therefore, they have been tested and seen to be successful.

Further to my reply, I highlighted a couple of items from the list that I think are worthy of note. These are two favourites.

Mining Contacts

Contacting your existing contacts and customers, to mine them for introductions to prospective customers. Firstly, I have used this successfully myself. Secondly, I have run highly successful mining programmes for clients. Many people overlook this group of advocates in favour of advertising.

Promoting Content Via Social Media

Promotion of helpful content, via social media, is what I spend most of my time doing. It can be a great way to drive traffic towards your blog or website.

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