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Zero Cost Marketing The Cheap Alternative To A Budget

Zero Cost Marketing

Zero Cost Marketing

In this post I will answer the question: “is there an alternative to spending money on marketing?”. The good news is that there is.

I have developed a Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit, with lots of templates (and bonus material about Passive Income). You can download the whole package and get started straight away:

Free Ways Of Promoting Your Business

I have been collecting free and cheap ways to promote a business. These, I have started calling Zero Cost Marketing, the alternative to spending money promoting your business or paying for advertising and pay-per-click campaigns. This series of ideas brings together everything I have learned over the last 25 years about free promotion and marketing for businesses.

Although promotion may seem like a dark art, the truth is that you can do most things yourself, if you are prepared to put in some effort. The difficult part is knowing what you need to do. Over time, I have figured out the “what to do” through trial and error.

Developing Low Cost Marketing Methods

Following a career in marketing and finance I started my own business. I didn’t have a lot of budget to spend on advertising, pay-per-click campaigns and other forms of paid promotion. Therefore, I had to find methods that worked, but cost nothing or very little. Those ideas will be very useful to anyone that doesn’t have a promotional budget, or that wants to boost their business without spending more money.

So, to spread this knowledge, I created this blog where I am going to publish those promotional ideas that work. Therefore, you can use them in your business as an alternative to spending money. You can also subscribe to my free newsletter which will go out monthly, sharing our most recent content. If you want the full package take at look at the toolkit mentioned above.

In some cases you will see that I have used paid tools to save time. In most cases you can achieve the same outcome, without using those paid tools. It’s a matter of convenience, to speed up the process.

Of course, you can get results from paid campaigns, however this blog is all about what you achieve without spending cash, or spending a minimal amount.

Marketing Spend As A Proportion Of Turnover

After reading an article about average spend on about the proportion of turnover businesses spend on promotion, I came up with this idea. The article suggested that 5% of turnover was a general rule of thumb. Secondly, it suggested that could increase to 10% if the business wanted to grow. The expenditure could increase up to 50%+ in the case of a new start-up. That equates to a significant amount of money.

If a company is turning over £100,000 per annum, at just 5% of turnover, that’s £5K per annum on marketing. For a £1M turnover business that would be £50K+ per annum. Eye watering amounts to spend on promotion. They are amounts that you could reduce, or even save, if you knew how you and/or your team could do it yourselves. You can get my Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit and Templates for a fraction of that cost.

I Spend Very Little On Marketing

In my existing business I spend next to nothing on marketing, and I have built up the income to a level where it supports a comfortable lifestyle for my family. Hopefully, some of the promotional ideas that have worked for me will be useful to you.

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