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How To Get Retweets Free On Twitter To Grow Your Social Media

How To Get Free Retweets On Twitter

Do you know how to get retweets on Twitter free of charge, that could help you grow your social media audience? This post will explain step-by-step how to achieve that.

How To Get Retweets

Firstly, you need to understand what Twitter is all about, and how it works.

Twitter The Social Media Platform

Twitter is a social media platform that spans both personal and business content. I use it for business purposes to connect me with a large audience of potential new customers. Consistently, it has generated new business for my business finance brokerage.

How Twitter Works

The platform is very straightforward. You create a user account that includes a bio about who you are. It is possible to create multiple accounts and switch between them. Typically, you might use this if you have multiple strands of activity.

Users can then engage in a variety of activities, including following people whose material they find of interest. When you follow someone, you become one of their “followers”.

When a person views their feed, they see a selection of tweets from those that they are following. Importantly, the popularity of each can determine its prominence in the feed.

Users can post their tweets which get added to the “feed” of those that follow them. Or, they can interact with those tweets posted by other users. They can:

  • Tweet – this is a short post of up to 280 characters that can include a link and hashtags. This keeps the posts very short and directly to the point.
  • Like – a user can like another person’s tweet.
  • Retweet – a user can reshare another person’s tweet, either with or without additional comment.
  • Reply – you can comment (reply) to another user’s tweets.

Social Media Links And SEO

Research suggests that links from Twitter to your website can help your SEO efforts (Search Engine Optimisation). You can include a link within what you write, but retweets can help spread that material to a wider audience.

For a first-class subscription-based tool that I have used to help drive my SEO please take a look at WebCEO. It pretty much does everything for you.

How Retweets Help

Put simply, “retweeting” is the process by which your tweets can be reshared by others. This adds your tweet to the feed of the person that reshares them. Therefore, this process puts your material in front of their audience of “followers”. If you have a link in your tweet, the retweeting process can put your link in front of a much wider audience.

How To Get Retweets Without Paying

Often, getting people to retweet what you publish is the issue. Now, if your material is highly topical, funny or interesting, this process may happen naturally. However, there are millions of posts every day so it’s hard to get a post to “go viral” and get large numbers of natural retweets.

Finding Retweeters

One way of getting some retweets is to seek out the Twitter accounts of users that retweet material within your sector or niche.

Interest Versus Hashtags

Users operate in different ways. Some will only retweet material that they like, others will retweet anything that bears a particular #hashtag. Therefore, all you need to do is suffix your tweet with the right hashtag and it can get automatically retweeted to a larger audience.

Now, the value of that process will depend upon the quality of the participants. If someone is retweeting everything it’s unlikely to help you much. However, if you can spark the interest of an influencer within your niche, you could benefit greatly.

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