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How To Make Money From Writing A Newsletter

How To Make Money Writing A Newsletter

This post will tell you how to make money from writing a newsletter. The way I have approached this task is to publish a low-cost newsletter for my business that generates new sales.

So, I write a newsletter that appeals to my target audience that are potential purchases of my services. I do this in the hope that they will respond to the material in the publication and find their way to my site to purchase services.

Other Ways To Make Money Out Of Newsletters

Of course, you could go about making money from newsletters in other ways. For example, you could create a sector-specific publication, build an audience, and then charge people to advertise in your publication.

Affiliate Marketing

Alternatively, you could create revenue by writing about products that offer an affiliate marketing scheme. An AMS is a scheme whereby people that introduce business are rewarded with a commission. There are many of these opportunities available, you could seek those types of customers with your newsletter.

I have some of these schemes arranged with parties that share my target audience. If a customer finds their way to the vendor’s site via my publications, and they purchase, I receive a commission. You can use your publication to promote these types of products and services. However, remember to add value rather than just advertising products and services for sale. Otherwise, people will stop reading what you write.

How I Went About Creating My Publication

The remainder of this post will focus on how I went about making money from writing my newsletter, and some tips about how to approach the task.

What I did was create a publication within the niche my business operates. I built up a list of subscribers over time, and it generated a number of new enquiries that I turned into new business.

Don’t Be Too Advertorial

My approach was to create a publication that would be of interest to the types of customers that I wanted to connect with. The business sector I worked within was business finance. Now, I could have produced a newsletter that just published articles about finance. However, that is not likely to be a great deal of interest to my readership. I didn’t want it to just be completely advertorial.

Instead, I picked some subject areas, in my case, improving business cash flow and growth. Business finance was included, without being the sole focus. This is a more subtle way of promoting your services.

Title For Your Publication

The publication needs an engaging title. Something that is unique and reflects the type of content that you are going to include.

What To Write About

This is the tough part, what to write about? As mentioned above, try to find topics that are allied to your products or services, without just writing adverts for your services and products.

For inspiration, I use Google Alerts to update me about the latest articles that are published within my sector. I can then use these to trigger ideas about what to write about. Don’t copy other people’s content, rather use theirs as inspiration for your own unique copy.

There are some emerging AI technologies that can be used to write articles for you.

How To Structure The Newsletter

I tend to provide a simple, direct structure. I publish 6 articles in each edition. Each one has a picture, a short precis of the piece and a link to read more. In this way, it drives traffic to my website which helps my site.

Tips On Sending Out Your Communication

Pick a regular time to send out your communication. There is guidance online about the best time to send a newsletter. It will depend on your sector and you can experiment with different times and compare the open rates.

How To Make Money Writing A Newsletter

Hopefully, that has helped give you some ideas about how to make money from writing a newsletter. If you like writing, as I do, it can be a simple way to promote your business or to make money from other people’s products and services.

I have also started a marketing newsletter relating to this site. You can subscribe to that here: Marketing Tips Newsletter.

If you want more information about producing your own publications and promoting your business at a low cost, please see my new “How To” Marketing Toolkit & Templates.

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