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How I Beat Advertisers Without Spending Money On Advertising

Beating Paid Advertising

Paid advertising used to be a massive monthly expense for me. This is how beat the paid advertisers by not spending money on pay-per-click marketing.

Paid Advertisers

Paid adverts are great, but they come at a huge cost. Firstly, let me explain how these ads work. When people search online, the majority at the time or writing of searches use a single well known search engine. This means that they are important if you are trying to promote a product, or service online.

Organic Versus Paid Advertising

The results that a search displays are a blend of “organic” results, and paid advertising. “Organic” means the pages that search engines evaluate as most relevant to that search term. The owners of these pages are not paying the search engine to display their material. Instead, the engine’s algorithm (a complex calculation) considers a range of factors and decides which pages (amongst those that it has indexed) are the most relevant to that search term.

Paid Ads

Paid advertising is where a party pays the search engine to display their material. This is done using an user interface. This is a type of “pay-per-click” advertising. Sometimes, it is referred to as PPC.

Advertisers bid for keywords to be displayed for certain search terms. This means that a site that doesn’t rank well in the organic search results can still be displayed at the top of the results by using the paid option.

The Costs

However, the cost of appearing at the top of the results can be huge. Typically, an advertiser will allocate a daily budget for their ad spend with the advertiser. They may also set parameters defining how much they are prepared to bid for each “click”. This is when searcher clicks on your ad and is transferred to your website from the search results. However, these are not necessarily customers. They could be people conducting research or even your competitors. Your bid then competes with those of other advertisers.

How I Beat The Advertisers

When I started brokering business finance, I relied heavily on paid ads to generate enquiries. The process worked, I set my daily budget and the amount I wanted to bid for certain key phrases. Users were fed through to my site and I managed to convert deals.

The effectiveness of this channel is not in question, just the cost. Every month I was spending thousands and thousands of pounds on PPC (pay-per-click) ads. Also, the productivity varied from month-to-month. I suspected that unscrupulous competitors might be clicking on my ads, to use up my ad spend, and move their adverts up the pecking order.

Therefore, I came up with a way to beat the advertisers. That, was to get my material ranked within the Organic search results, free of charge. I used a variety of techniques to achieve this, all were free or low cost methods of promotion. I was able to stop using pay-per-click advertising in my business, and the leads still kept coming in.

Toolkit & Templates

When people started asking me about how I did it, I put together the How To Marketing Toolkit and Templates. You can now download the toolkit and use it in your business. It sets out step-by-step the process I used to beat the advertisers and build my business without spending money on paid advertising and PPC.

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