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Discount Code: Marketing Toolkit & Templates Just £45 Limited Time Offer

Discount Code Marketing Toolkit

Discount Code For The Marketing Toolkit – Just £45

Here is a discount code for the Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit, Templates and Bonus Material on Passive Income. The code will reduce the cost of the download from £295 to JUST £45.

Promo Code

This will be a short term initial promotion, running for the next few weeks. So, please go to the toolkit download page and enter the discount code when you check out. This will reduce the cost right down to just £45.

The promo code is: JUST45POUNDS

You can get the whole package for just £45, so you can start saving money on your advertising spend.

Discounting The Price

Over the last few days I put up a few posts seeking input about the pricing of my new toolkit (which is £295). There have been lots of opinions given, and some very clever pricing strategies suggested.

Clever Pricing Strategies?

One person, kindly suggested that I could offer a small amount of the toolkit up front for a low cost, and then sell an upgrade to get the full package.

However, I think people will really benefit from getting access to the full toolkit, templates and the material on passive income. I want people to have the whole package, tell me what they think, and leave some positive reviews on my Trustpilot.

Building Trust

One of the other issues rightly mentioned was that people needed to build trust before they would pay several hundred pounds. So, it was suggested that an initial purchase of up to c. £45 would be more palatable.

Rather than engaging in some clever pricing approach, I decided to offer the entire download at the price suggested! Removing the barrier completely.

Cut To The Chase

Therefore, you can get the complete package for just £45 for the next few weeks.

All you need to do is enter the following discount code, when you check out: JUST45POUNDS

Download The Toolkit

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