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The Quick Cheap Alternative To An Expensive Marketing Course

Cheap Marketing Course Alternative

If you are looking for a cheap marketing course, that is not going to take weeks, months, or even years to complete – this could be your answer.

The Alternative To Marketing Training

The Zero Cost Marketing Toolkit (ZCM) is the alternative to paying for expensive marketing training. Also, the tools and templates can be used immediately.

You won’t have to sit through hours and hours of lectures and marketing training, before you can start. Just download the toolkit, templates and get started today.

Low Cost Promotion

Instead of focusing on paid promotional methods, the toolkit contains marketing ideas that don’t cost anything (or very little) to implement. In this way, the initial cost can be your only outlay.

This is the alternative to spending on advertising such as pay-per-click ads each and every month.

The Toolkit & Templates

The toolkit goes through each step of my proven marketing process, and includes step-by-step instructions.

Futhermore, there numerous templates included. These can be adapted for your business, so you can start promoting your organisation immediately.

Experience & Training

Before I created the ZCM Toolkit, I worked in marketing for over 25 years (see my LinkedIn profile). Also, I have been on numerous courses, including an MBA that took several years to complete.

Get A Fast Pass To The End Game

Therefore, I have been able to put the sum of all that experience and training into the toolkit and templates. This gives you a “fast pass” to the end game – you don’t have to do the training, or the trial and error.

Cheap Marketing Course

Rather than searching for cheap marketing training, and spending months completing a course, download the toolkit and start building your business today.

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