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How To Use Google Trends To Pick Powerful Search Terms

How To Use Google Trends To Pick Keywords

This post is about how to use Google Trends to pick powerful search terms. There is more to keyword research than just using Google Trends, but that’s for another post. Below, I will focus on using this tool to help you pick keywords.

Keyword Research

If you manage a website, or write a blog, part of your success will come from selecting the right keywords to target. Keywords (or key phrases) are the search terms via which you are hoping to attract visitors. It follows, that your content needs to reflect those terms.

For example, if you are in the Search Engine Optimisation sector, you might want to target a term like “SEO help” as that is likely to be something that potential customers might search for.

Is That Term Being Searched?

However, is that actually a term that people are actively using? Perhaps people don’t use the acronym “SEO”, perhaps they use “Internet Search” instead? Google Trends is a free tool that will help you answer that type of question.

Tools To Track Your SEO Success

If you are seeking tools to also help you track your SEO success and to make suggestions about improving your content WebCEO is an excellent subscription-based tool that I have used for many years.

How To Use Google Trends To Pick Keywords

Anyway, returning to the topic at hand, picking keywords. Google’s comparison tool, Google Trends, allows you to compare the volume of the search traffic for different search terms, via Google. You can narrow done the geography to reflect your area e.g. worldwide, UK or say USA search traffic.

The tool allows you to:

  • Compare multiple search terms
  • Select the geographic area of the search traffic
  • Define the period over which the search was conducted

Afterwards, it returns a graph that allows you to visually compare the volume of search enquiries that Google has seen, within those parameters. Additionally, the site calculates the averages, so you can make a very quick comparison and select the most popular terms.

Note that the WebCEO product will also do this and additionally give you a powerful SEO resource to drive your online visibility campaign.

An Example Comparison Of How To Use Google Trends

Below, is an example comparison using the terms mentioned above:

Example Comparison Using Google Trends

It shows that “Seo help” (blue line) is indeed a more popular search term than “Internet Search help” (red line). The comparison was for UK based searches, over the last year.

Based on this information, an SEO specialist may decide to target the term “seo help” in a post, as it has the greatest volume of search.

Other Factors To Consider

Anyone that works in SEO will tell you that there are many other factors to consider e.g. the amount of competition for that term. These are for another post, but I hope this has demonstrated that Google Search can help you pick keywords to target.

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